Attracting Customers to Your Web-Site

Designing a professional web-site is at best a job half-done – unless it is able to attract customers and bring business. Web-sites are not merely for image enhancement – but also a marketing tool that attract customers and bring business. The least a web-site can do is to return the money invested in its creation.

To make a web-site work for your business – you must promote it among target audience so that potential customers can locate it conveniently and find it useful as well as easy to navigate. Many exporters make the mistake of investing total budget in web-design and leave nothing for promotion.

Your web-site, however good-looking and useful it may be, is not going to attract customers unless you work for it consciously. You must have a plan for promotion – and budget as well ! If necessary, cut down on some fancy Flash gimmicks and invest that money in web-site promotion.

Developing Plan for Web-Site Promotion

To develop promotion plan for a web-site – one first needs to identify all possible sources from where visitors may come. The core of the promotion plan is to prioritize and maximize traffic from each of these sources.

There are essentially 6 sources of traffic to a web-site

  1. Direct Visitors : Those who type in your domain name and go directly to your site. Off-line advertising, word of mouth, viral marketing etc. are main drivers for this kind of web-site traffic.
  2. Search Engine : Those who search for your name, product or service in a popular search engine and land-up at your web-site. This is going to be the most popular and major route, web-site visitors are likely to take.
  3. Directories/Yellowpages : Those who find your company and consequently web-site from Web-based Yellowpages such as,,, etc. Vertical, subject oriented yellowpages (such as, are becoming increasingly popular than generalized ones like This channel usually sends high quality, serious visitors who has the potential to become customers in near future. Seriousness of the visitor is visible from the effort he/she has demonstrated in reaching your web-site by first identifying a suitable subject oriented directory/yellowpage and then locating your company from it.
  4. Banner/Advertisements : Those who reach your web-site by clicking paid banner or classified advertisement in another web-site or search engine. This is an easy but costly way of attracting visitors. However, it could be very effective if proper care is taken to place banner/classifieds in strategically important places.
  5. Link Exchange: Those visitors who find your web-site while surfing through another web-site of similar content. This is an inexpensive way of bringing visitors that has the added advantage of increasing Google Pagerank.
  6. Target e-Mail Visitors : Those who click through to your site from an e-mail. Success of this source depends a great deal on quality of your e-mail distribution list. If your mailing list has people who are truly interested in your product and service or in the information you are sharing – it may bring high quality visitors. However, if you play on quantity and resort to spamming in the belief that even if a small section of the millions or thousands from your mailing list respond, it will bring windfall – you are surely heading for disaster. E-mails collected from dubious means such as purchase, harvesting etc. do not help in bringing customers – if anything it invites wrath of anti-spam groups and authorities.
  7. Conclusion If you have a web-site – you should also have a plan to promote it. Web-site promotion plan should consider all sources of traffic, prioritize them as per available resources and present a step by step action plan. A good plan should set targets and deadlines as well as monitoring process.

7 Tips For A Successful Internet Marketing Business

Want to know how to get started with Internet marketing? Do you have what it takes? Can you invest some time and effort into building your own business? Today, it’s a lot easier to generate your own money making Internet business within a specific niche market that gives you the ability to earn a five figure salary every month. However, it’s also best to avoid all the hype that promises instant wealth. In this article, I am going to guide you through 7 Tips that will help you assess if you are compatible for the Internet marketing biz.

Tip 1: Find Your Passion

Before you can start any business you need to have passion and dedication. Every business takes work, but I like to work smarter, not harder. Find what drives your motivation to be an Internet marketer and use your inspired action to create. Is there something you would love to share or teach with the rest of the world? Or, do you just want to know how to make money? Either way, you don’t have to have a product in mind. You just have to have the passion to stick with your business.

Tip 2: Self-motivation and Practice

Self-motivation is important to succeed in your online, home-based business. If you are willing to work at accomplishing your goals, than success will follow. Continue to take action and make it a daily practice.

As with anything practice makes perfect. Whether you choose article marketing, PPC, SEO or whatever form of Internet marketing you decide on, your research and writing should be done regularly.

Tip 3: Have a Good Work Ethic

Unfortunately, there are many scams on the Internet with promises of “getting rich quick” or “instant wealth”, with many trusting consumers paying the price. Perhaps you might have been one, I know I was. Fortunately, the Internet market has changed for the better. The rules have changed and business minded individuals with good work ethics are reaping the benefits.

There are a huge variety of digital products, goods and services supplied by digital marketplaces or affiliate networks for just about any niche available on the Internet. You can promote these products as an affiliate, without owning them, and will receive a commission through your marketing efforts. You find your target market and drive them to buy something from the merchant site. The only thing you have to own is your website, so remember that good business practices will attract more traffic and more customers.

Tip 4: Have Common sense

While common sense may be obvious to some, it may not be for others. Common sense is a HUGE factor in Internet marketing. Your greatest ability is being able to connect your potential customers to the product company websites in order for your business to grow. Doing so requires understanding the buyer’s mindset when they are ready to buy.

Make sure you know the product or service you are promoting and that they hold the same high standards that you should have for your consumer. You want repeat customers and you want them to “spread the word” about you. Nothings worse than losing a following because they were unhappy with the quality of service they got from something you recommended.

Write to your audience often and stay relevant. Make your blog or website interesting and engaging, be opinionated and stay true to your heart. Take care of your followers and they will take care of you. Know your target market and if you don’t know them, research, research, research. I cannot emphasize how important this is!

Tip 5: Do Your Research

Research will help you to understand what consumers are looking to buy. You’ll also discover how and what keywords they are searching under. To get in the consumer mindset ask yourself “what words would I use to search for this product or service?

From there gather your RELEVANT keywords and dig for more ideas. The Google keyword tool is a free tool you can use and reveals current results. However, it does not provide you with quality keyword information. Personally, I use the Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool and I get amazing results!

The Internet has changed the way we live our lives for the greater good. More and more people are attracted towards this easier way of building an Internet marketing business from the ground up. But, you have to know there is more to it than just generating a website and waiting for the orders to come in.

Tip 6: Plan Effective Marketing Strategies

Effective marketing strategies concentrated towards setting up an internet marketing business geared towards turning traffic into customers is your business. Be relevant to your customers by relating to their needs. If you were looking to lose weight, you want (1) a quality product that works (2) a product that makes you feel good (by being thinner). As a marketer, your job is to hone in and appeal to these emotions through your promotions of these products. Make your ad campaigns specific and know your target market.

Tip 7: Have The Best Training

Internet marketing is a level playing field for everyone because you don’t have to have a degree, or be a technical genius. In fact all you need is the right training resources, time to learn and time to take action. After taking action comes the fun part, making money, but again it takes work to get to this point. I tried to get my online business started on my own for over a year without success, then I finally found the right Internet marketing training course to help me get where I am today. Finding the best training and resources that suit you will help you understand the many factors that will contribute to your website success.

Once you consider all the “working parts” involved in the set-up and execution of your online business then you can successfully optimize, market, and drive traffic to your website that can lead to a consistent 5 figure monthly income. Know that there is an answer to all of your Internet marketing questions. More importantly, know that you can be a successful Internet marketer and have fun creating! Hopefully, the topics discussed in this article were helpful to your research.

Affordable Home Based Business Opportunity – Could This Be Any Better?

The cost of starting a business is a major reason why most people shy away from working at home. They fear investing too much money that could potentially be used for other more important things, so they don’t. Stumbling upon a not so affordable home based business opportunity that seems to be legit is intimidating to a lot of people. Most people looking for home work aren’t rich and don’t have hundreds of dollars to invest. It just seems much safer to just continue working as they always have.For those of you who have looked a few business opportunities, but have decided not to invest, there is good news. Not all work-from-home businesses require an outrageous start-up cost. You can safely find things to do online that will make you money for little to no investment. A few of them are as follows:1. Blogging – Blogging is an affordable home based business opportunity because it’s free. First, go to either or and create an account. Next, go to Google AdSense to create an account as well. To make a legitimate amount of income, your blog should be about something you enjoy talking about. Create content that centers around your interest. Add a product to your blog related to your interest. For example, if you’re blogging about working from home, find an affiliate product such as an eBook or instructional guide on how to become successful from home. Keep your content interesting so people continue to come back. Add a few graphics to make your blog interesting. After a few months, you should be able to generate at least a couple hundred dollars per month.2. Freelance Writing – Freelance writing is another affordable home based business opportunity because it also requires no start-up cost. A few websites that provide freelance writers to earn money are,,,, and As an independent contractor, you’ll need to set up your own website (perhaps by using Blogger or WordPress) to advertise your services and attract personal clients.3. Sales – Starting a home sales business is usually one of the first things people think of when working from home. Everyone has their own idea of what they would like to sell, and if they do not, there are hundreds of opportunities out there that provide supplies, training, personal websites, business cards, etc. The only downside is that there is a start-up cost and monthly membership involved in almost all home sales businesses. Costs can range from $50.00 to $200.00 or more to start, depending on the opportunity you choose. Monthly fees usually do not exceed $100.00, which really isn’t that much considering earning potential.Unless you have some great big idea that requires a huge down payment, you won’t be required to spend your life savings on a business venture. Sometimes it pays to be on the safe side. An affordable home based business opportunity won’t leave you hanging high and dry in the financial department.

Finding Leads For Your Best Home Based Business

So, you have decided to take the leap and begin working at home. Searching for potential customers will be of interest to you. To accomplish this important step, you now have to find Leads for your best home based business.Friends and family relatives will be the fastest and most direct starting point for getting leads. Your first sale will most likely be someone in your family or someone you know. If you consider starting other home businesses, remember to advertise and keep people informed on what your product or service is all about.Your friends and family could assist you in other ways. If you build interest in them, they could be influenced to join you in home business marketing as well. They can do Online marketing to inform potential customers about your current projects and possibly bring them into the mix. Affiliate sales will be an added revenue for you and your Team.As an Affiliate, you will have two streams of income. You will earn from direct sales as well as recruiting other affiliates. These are your leads. It is vital to your success as a small scale business, that you have a way of acquiring a reliable source of both customers and recruits for your service or product.Take your legitimate home business to the next level. Start building a List, using your own contacts in your email account. This is a great way to get prospective leads. This make money list will also serve you well for future internet business opportunities.Offline, you could try handing out business cards, flyers. direct mail or put up posters around town. Online, there are 2.0 and social networking sites. You should also make use of niche-oriented mini-sites and Blogs. These ideas are perfect for your home based business leads.

Free Entrepreneurship Ideas to Build Your Home Based Business

The home based businesses that thrive the most are those started by creative marketers who seem to easily harness the super ability of their entrepreneurship ideas. Yet, what is it that motivates these home based businesses to produce a seemingly endless stream of income.It is without a doubt, that there are thousands of people who have started their own homebased business and made a comfortable living at it. The secret to good entrepreneurship ideas to make money is to have a solid business plan in which you will stick to and determine yourself to grow every day.The first step in becoming successful is to choose a product, subject, niche, or market with which the public has a need. Once you have found that Niche, you can develop your home based business around that particular topic. As a side note, your niche does not have to be the hottest or trendiest thing in the world in order to be successful, as proven by the mass amounts of ‘regular’ business on the Internet.Some of the most successful entrepreneurship ideas have centered on what some may feel are mundane or boring topics, such as gardening, camping or even cooking. Yet, it is niches like these that attract their own group of followers and visitors that produces an income for many successful home base businesses.You are not just going to come up with an entrepreneurship idea that will instantly attract millions of buyers overnight, so it is better to choose to build your home based business on something that is long-term and will continue to produce an income for years into the future.The real answer to successful entrepreneurship ideas is to pursue the long-term steady business and leave the trends and one-hit wonders to those that have no future direction for their home based business. Take the examples of strong leaders in the Internet marketing world of business and follow their advice for a truly successful home based business.

Merchant Cash Advances: Small Business Loan – How Important Is Accepting Credit/Debit Cards?

To secure a small business loan for your company how important is accepting Credit/Debit Cards?

The ability to secure “Working Capital” when we need it is one of the greatest challenges facing business owners today! Getting cash advances or cash in advance for businesses is becoming more difficult even for businesses with long-term banking relationships.

Is there any additional benefit to the issue of accepting credit cards as payment for your good/services when it comes to small business loans and funding?

Credit cards, just about everybody today uses them and those who don’t (because of less than perfect credit) will usually have a debit card. In other words, more people today use “plastic” instead of “paper money or checks” than ever before. So what does this mean to you, the merchant? It means as far as you doing business – there is literally no option except that you HAVE to accept credit cards as payment, whether you like it or not.

In most small businesses “plastic” accounts for as much as 75% of their business so if they did not take credit cards they probably would not stay in business long. While true that many entrepreneurs and business owners don’t like the processing fees associated with taking credit cards, they really don’t have a choice. In fact there are petitions in Congress to regulate or stop the overcharges associated with Interchange fees, also known as “swipe fees”. Even with that, businesses still must take credit cards as payment.

The fact is credit card processing is essential for all businesses for a number of reasons. For instance:

The ease of use and simplicity for customers makes it advisable for all companies to accept credit and debit cards. When there is a dispute that could result from a lost or misplaced check then that issue can be resolved with the credit card statement or through the credit card issuer.

Payment processing by credit cards is faster and easier. There is no delay and the business providing products/services receives the payment instantly.

Paying for goods/services when placing orders by phones involves ease for the customer and additional business for the merchants without the need for face-to-face transaction or being present to give cash or checks. Business can and is being transacted globally and can be conducted by the consumer from anywhere in the world.

Processing can be provided via a virtual terminal for the credit card payments to be made enabling companies operating via the Internet to receive payments from customers around the world instantly.

But for small business loans there is one tremendous benefit when it comes to financing business growth for companies that have accepted credit cards. And that brings us to the topic of this article: How important is accepting Credit/Debit Cards to securing a small business loan for your business?

For many small business owners the first few years in business are usually the most difficult. Most owners have poured their savings, maybe even mortgaged their home to fund the business often having to rob Peter-to-pay-Paul and credit ratings take a hit, so banks are not willing to lend to businesses in the first 2-3 years. So to get a cash advance or business line of credit where does a “growing” business turn for short-term “working capital”?

For small business owners that accept credit cards as payment here is good news. Merchant Cash Advance, Credit Card Receivable Financing or Business Cash Advance is a great and readily available resource.

The growing increase in credit card use has spurned a segment of the financial and lending industry that funds businesses based on their “Credit Card Sales History”. For Cash Advances and cash in advance or cash in advance for business, there are solutions. Not unlike, “Accounts Receivable Financing” of “Purchase Order Financing” small businesses that accept credit cards can benefit from “CREDIT CARD RECEIVABLE FINANCING”, which is a loan against future Visa/MC sales or another form of funding that has been used for a longer period of time called Merchant Cash Advance (or Business Cash Advance or Cash Advances). The business only needs:

To have been in business at least 1 year (No start-ups)

Has a minimum FICO score of 540

Has accepted Visa/MC for the past 6 months

Has processed as least $3000 per month for the past 6 months

Has at least 1 year remaining on their current business lease or owns the property

Has no open liens, foreclosures or bankruptcies (Liens with payment plans are OK)

The great thing for small business owners is based on their monthly credit card sales average they can be pre-approved in 24-48 hours and have funds wired into their business bank account in as little as 5 days.
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Outdoor Education Camps With Programs

Summer camps are special camps arranged for people to enjoy their vacation or tour in any adventures. Summer camps comes up with special offers outdoor education camp, leadership camp, science camp, awareness camp and many other social welfare schemes are offered to the public for reasonable prices. Outdoor education forms major part of the education and it is more required for people. Outdoor education is considered has important and essential requirement for most of the people and they fetches more demand among the people. Outdoor education is created and offered specially for kids, children and adults.

The main purpose of estimating and offering outdoor education is to develop self confidence and self esteem among the people. The outdoor education activities, outdoor education courses, outdoor education programs are offered to kids, children, adults by outdoor education schools or outdoor education centers. Outdoor education camps are conducted either inside or outside classrooms. Outdoor education forms major part of the education system and it is more important to be known by the people to come up with every possibility in life. Most of the parents feels better that their children should be aware of outdoor education programs offered and they should compete with outside world.

Outdoor education activities or outdoor education courses are provided by more number of outdoor institutes or adventure outdoor schools. An outdoor education course, outdoor education programs initiates cooperation, coordination, team building, goal settings and spirituality among the students and others. Outdoor education camps are provided by more number of outdoor education institutes or outdoor education schools for reasonable and affordable prices. The outdoor education camp provided will be more worth and valuable for the students who obtains and they are provided under complete knowledge and experience.

Generally, adventure outdoor school or outdoor education schools provides outdoor education activities, outdoor education courses, outdoor education programs to kids, children and adults under prescheduled, guidance and procedures. With regards to qualified, professional and expert outdoor education instructor, outdoor education programs will be offered. Under proper guidance and precautions, outdoor educations will be offered to the people to enable them to know the required outdoor education provided. More number of kids, children and adults are obtaining the outdoor education programs offered.

The outdoor education professionals, experts or instructors guide the kids, children and adults in efficient manner. Generally, outdoor education programs and outdoor education courses are offered to students based on age group, duration of course offered and kind of outdoor education program selected. The outdoor education camp offered will be creative, enthusiastic, innovative and technical appraisement for the students hindering. Outdoor camps will be offered to the students for reasonable price consideration and they are offered by more number of adventure outdoor schools.

Ethics in Business

Sustainable advantage of an organization can be determined by its ethical capability. Ethical capability of an organization is its duty to do what is right. Some organizations such as Enron, Sathyam, and Tyco etc have made false statements in their accounts and cheated both the stakeholders and government. These kind of issues gave rise to the importance of business ethics in business schools all around the world.

Sustainable advantage can be defined as the beneficiary element that determine the long term objectives of an organization, where objectives would be the economic development that generates wealth and meets the needs of the current generation while saving the environment, so future generation can meet their needs as well. There are number of factors that determine the sustainability of an organization, which are its ethics, strategy, employees, financial capital etc. in present scenario, human resource of an organization considered to be its competitive advantage, but it will not provide sustainability. Sustainability of an organization will depend on the impact it has on the people, in the form of trust, honesty, integrity, respect, quality and responsibility. Organizations with poor sustainability will fall back as happened in case of Enron and Sathyam.

Enron was an American energy company founded in 1985 by Kenneth Lay after merging Houston natural gas and internorth( citetation). In early 1990′s Enron sold electricity at market price. At around the same time US congress passed a bill regarding the deregulation sale of natural gas which favored Enron to sell energy at higher prices. In 1992 Enron was the largest merchant of natural gas in North America. Online trading model developed in November 1999 known as Enron online has developed and extended the abilities to negotiate and manage its trading business. By 2001 Enron had both owned and operated gas pipe line, pulp and paper plants, broad band assets, electricity plants and water plants internationally. Enron stock was priced at US $ 83.13 and market capitalization exceeded US$60 billion, and Enron was rated the most innovative large company in America in fortunes most admired companies survey. By the end of 2001 the Enron scandal was revealed. The CEO Jeffrey Skilling with some of the executives have hidden billions in debt from failed deals and projects. Chief financial officer Andrew Fastow and the other executives were able to mislead the board of directors and audit committee by presenting them psydo account statements. Once the scam was published the Enron stock priced at $90 per share in 2000 plummeted to less than $1 by the end of November 2001. This fall in stock value has caused at $11 billion loss for its share holder. The employees of the organization received a limited amount of their salary and pension when it was bankrupted. Several law suits were filed against the company CEO and other executives.

Similar is in case of Sathyam computers, which is termed as the Indian Enron scandal. Sathyam computers were an information technology company which produces software’s headquarters at hyderbad, India. Its chairman Ramalinga Raju produced an account sheet which has a 7000 crore fraud. The chief auditors were also not able to identify this adjustment. As a result of this scam the employees lost their job and chairman was jailed for fraud.

These two cases throw a light on how an organizations as well as economy of the country or in large the world can be impacted with their unethical practices. That, if the organization does not practice ethics will not have sustainability.

Need for the business ethics: for the following

1. Business operates with in the society

2. Every business irrespective of size exists more on ethical mean or in total regard to its social concern to survive long.

3. Business needs to function as responsible corporate citizens in the country.

Business is a part of subsystem of a society, therefore its functioning should contribute to the welfare of the society. If the business earns social sanction of the society, where it exists then it would be able to survive, develop and excel in activities, because only through earning social sanction the business can get loyal customers. Loyal customers are sustainable advantage and therefore can survive in market without which it will collapse and die away. Large organizations put more interest on public, the managers are eager to have public opinion and always seek to maintain a proper image of company in their minds.

Now a day’s minimizing profit is not the only priority of business, it should have sustainability, which can only be achieved through ethical practices. Any organization big or small should follow ethical practices as it brings in a sense of social responsibility which eventually provides sustainability to the organization. Business should also be a responsible corporate citizen which does not allow narrow mentality goals and motives.

Cross culture variability

Ethical practices in a country or society will depend on various factors such as religious, beliefs, historic, traditions, social customs, and existing political and economic rules or policies. For example in Asian countries such as Japan, China etc loyalty to work groups and corporations has strong ethical values. This kind of ethics has been brought down through centuries long traditions, therefore one does not think of oneself but rather think of family, government and others involved with him, thus providing social responsiveness.

Nature of ethics

The concept of ethics deals only with human beings, as they only have the freedom and means to choose free will. Human being can distinguish between good and evil, right and wrong, and just and proper. For example a Japanese employee believes that it Is unethical on his part to attend an interview with other company when he is still with the current company. So human can fix a goal and the means to achieve it. Ethics is also science that nowadays has become a set of systematic knowledge about moral behaviour and conduct. Ethics deals with human conduct which is voluntary and not forced by any person at any circumstances.

Business ethics and profits

The cases of Enron and Sathyam makes a point that ethics and profits are opposed to each other, as when an organisation is ethical it makes short term profit and if the organisation is unethical it makes huge profit. The same cases prove us one more thing that is it makes huge profit unethically but will not sustain in the market. Ethical companies not only make profit but also overcome their competitors and other turbulent changes happening through out the years and have contributed to social welfare. Ethical companies have social responsibilities which allow them to flourish undiminished and make profit. Tata group of companies is one company which follows ethical practises. It is said that the chief executive officer of Tata is also its chief ethics officer. Some of the ethical policies followed by the company include national interest, support from open market economy, gift and donation for social cause, political non alignment, health safety and environment care, quality product and service and regulatory compliance etc. Ratan Tata the present chairman of Tata group has declined from airline industry because he was told to bribe then minister to enter the business, which he claimed to be unethical and against the policies the group follows. His predecessor JRD Tata had set up the first commercial airlines ‘Tata Airlines’ in India which was later overtaken by the government of India and named it as Indian airlines. So besides being a pioneer in airline industry they were not able to procure it because they felt it would not sustain them and it would bring a bad image for the company. This is the reason why people have great respect for Tata group and their ethical practices and policies have created brand loyalty which has helped them to survive in market even though many competitors came.

Cross cultural contradictions

Ethical policies become a problem when the companies are not able to do business at home, therefore the other societies where the ethical policies are liberal or works in their favour. At home they are not allowed to sell products because it is unethical to use unsafe products but they may sell it in other countries where the ethical standards allow them to sell these products. It happens especially with pharma products. Some factories which emit pollutant gases are set up in neighbouring countries because ethical standards at home do not allow the factory to run business. These pollutant gases emitted are dangerous for people and the environment. Still it is ethical in certain countries. These kinds of issues give rise to cross cultural contradiction and exploitation. These issues which arise become difficult for the managers and firms to solve. Therefore the business has responsibility for their country but to four major groups they are society, employees, customers or consumers and investors.(example drugs)

Factors influencing business ethics:

Leadership, strategy and performance, individual characteristics, corporate culture and environment

Leader is a person who leads the people towards achieving a common goal. Leader can be good or bad, great or small they arise out of the needs and opportunities of a particular time and place. Not all leaders are considered to be perfect in their decision making because each and every decision they make will depend upon the character of person which differ from person to person. Character of a person includes their inborn talents, learned and acquired traits which were imposed upon them by life and experience. Leaders are models and mentors to their followers therefore they follow the path way set by their leaders. In a large organisation the top level managers or CEO are considered to be the executive and supervisory leader. The CEO should have strong commitment towards ethics and ethical conduct and should give a constant leadership in renewing the values of an organisation. They play a key role in creating, maintaining and changing the ethical culture. It is necessary for the leader to set good examples, and follows ethics. One such good leader is JRD Tata who set a good example for his successor and they still follow it. Where there are good leaders there will be good ethical practices in business.

Corporate governance: is the set of systems and processes that a company follows to ensure that it is in the best interest of the stake holders. Stakeholders are the shareholders, employees, customers, creditors and the community.

Sustainability has three components according to john elkington’s triple bottom line concept they are economic, social and environmental. According to elkington the business does not have one single goal of attaining profit but to extend the goal set by adding environmental and social values. Thus sustainability has become the new goal set by the organisation.

Environmental perspective: natural resources.

Economic perspective: about the future generation.

Social perspective: over exploiting of employees and not providing equality in gender employment, caste creed and religion based employment employing child labour.

Organisational culture: is the set of shared values, beliefs, goals, norms etc that prevails within an organisation. The organisational culture emphasis on ethics but as it grows it may change, as in the case of tyco where its organisational culture supports unethical practices. If the company makes huge profits in unethical way then individual who joins the organisation would also have to practice unethical things to survive in the company. As in the case of enron where many executives and managers knew that the company was following some illegal and unethical practices, but the executives and the board of directors did not know how to make the ethical decisions and corporate ethical culture. Thus they fall back and managers have to pay in the form of fines and imprisonment.

Business ethics is the application of ethical principle in the organization or business. An organization should produce or make its own ethical cultures, but this ethical culture formulated should be drawn from the concept of what is ethical to all and not what is right for the organization itself. The employees of the organization, also has to follow the same ethical principles. The organisation being ethical will provide certain social responsibilities such as they do not harm the stake holders, the general public and the society as well. “business that treat their employees with dignity and integrity reap rewards in the form of high moral and productivity” (Frederic, Post and Davis).

There are three major types of ethical issues that arise in a business they are, face to face ethics, corporate policy ethics and functional area ethics. Face to face ethical issues happen between the employees of an organization in their day to day organizational life. the employee face these ethical conflicts when their personal standards differs from what their job demands. Corporate policy ethical issues happen in the basic operations of a company. The top level management including the board of directors and CEO’s are responsible for ethical practices of the organization. Functional area ethics issues arise at all functional levels of the organization. For example in the accounting department, if unfair pressure is put on employees to deliver an audit report which has been altered or not showing current accounts of the organization would be un ethical, as it does not follow the standards and policies set by the organization.

Causes for unethical issues:

There are many reasons for an organization to follow unethical practices they are personal gain and selfish interest, competitive pressures on profits, business goals and personal goals, cross cultural contradictions. When an employee gives more importance to his greed or concern for his personal gain rather than any other concerns, irrespective of the harm it can bring to the organization is termed as unethical practices that arise due to personal gain and selfish interest. When a company has tough competitors in a limited or static market; it may engage some unethical practices just to be in business or to protect their profits. If the organization uses some unethical means to achieve its goal that is unaccepted by its stakeholders will give rise to ethical issues under business goal and personal goal. Here the organisaiton has set a goal that would conflict with the personal goal of its stake holders. Under such conditions the individuals involved have two choices either to follow the ethical ways of the organization or “blowing the whistle” on organization.

Environmental perspective relates to the exploitation of natural resources in business. The company should make sure that the natural resources are not exploited; it should sustain the resources so that the future generation can also enjoy them as we did. One such example is the restriction of fishing in the North Sea, to sustain the availability of diminishing cod fish to the consumers.

Economic perspective of sustainability relates to the economic growth and fall in the society. The short term adjustments made by the companies such as bribes and cartels will only be for a short period of time, it will never achieve a long time sustainability the organizations attitude towards the environment in which it is embedded. If the organization does not pay taxes are said to behave unethically similar in the case of organization that does not give donations to public institutions such as schools, hospitals, police and other justice systems.

What Can You Do With A Degree In Nutrition?

Earning a degree focused in nutrition can have many potential career paths other than becoming a nutritionist. There are six main types of nutrition paths to choose from, including teaching nutrition, public health nutrition, nutrition consulting, clinical nutrition, food science, and food service management. Most nutrition jobs should fall within one of these categories.

A degree in nutrition could help individuals land employment as a public health official, dietetic consultant, school food service director, quality control manager, food distributor, or wellness coordinator. Individuals may be employed through health maintenance organizations, school systems, food manufactures, wellness centers, and exercise and fitness centers. Government agencies also have the potential to employ those with degrees in nutrition. Some of the government agencies could include Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Nutrition Program, SNAP- Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Department of Health, and U.S. Public Health Services.

While earning a college degree, individuals will most likely be required to study a wide range of courses to gain a well-rounded education. Students could be expected to take courses related to nutrition, consisting of anatomy and physiology, introduction to food science, sociology, bacteriology, chemistry, and biochemistry. By completing an internship, individuals are able to gain hands on experience in the nutrition field before committing to a job or while still in school. Internships can serve as a great way to determine where your interests are, and if obtaining a career in this field is a good fit.

It is important for individuals wanting to succeed in a career in nutrition to possess skills such as organization and planning, strong verbal and written communication, proficient math skills for weights and measures, and interest in the well-being and health of others. To be successful working in nutrition, individuals may be required to advise patients in practicing good nutrition, monitoring diet modifications, and assessing health plans. Those with a degree in nutrition should also be able to monitor food safety conditions and create menus for specific dietary needs.

Depending on your place of employment and job description, individuals with a nutrition degree may be asked to create visuals aids and nutrition manuals that could be useful in teaching. Companies dealing with food service may hire nutrition graduates to create meal plans, ensure food safety, or develop new food products. Salary potential can depend on more than the actual job, but also education level, years of experience, and location of employment.

How to Pursue Online Nutrition Programs

Nutrition science a popular topic

One of the popular subjects in the curriculum of various educational institutions is nutrition science. With increased awareness of nutrition for the upkeep of the health of the individual, now more and more people pay regular visit to the nutrition experts to seek their valuable advice on various issues like nutritious diet, calorie oriented food and on such other related topics. As a result, nutrition technology has become one of the preferred subjects for study.

Nutrition program as a profession

Of course, there are several colleges and other organizations which teach nutrition technology as a part of the curriculum. At the same time, many institutions have started online nutrition programs for the benefit of those who are unable to attend the in house training programs. These online programs are conducted under the supervision and guidance of experts in the field. Many of these institutions teaching online nutrition programs have been accredited to appropriate government bodies. These online institutions teach as per the syllabus prescribed by the concerned authorities.

Course content

The curriculum normally is based on the credit hours. The credit hours depend on the course the student has chosen. For example, a diploma in nutrition science has 30 credit hours. On the other hand a bachelor course has 45 credit hours. These online programs also allow for specialization in nutrition science. Some of the popular fields of specialization include nutrition for sportsmen, nutrition for children, and nutrition for elderly people and so on. There are also several therapeutic nutrition programs like for those suffering from high blood pressure or for those who are obese or diabetic. Normally, students taking up online nutrition programs are taught by using the digital canvas. This helps to create a virtual classroom atmosphere for the student. The student is taught on various issues like human anatomy and physiology, application of nutrition principle for treating various ailments, nutritional therapy and also on counseling patients.

Offers better prospects

The duration of the course is normally nine months to one year. This of course, depends on the course the student has opted. At the end of the course, the students will have to undergo comprehensive examination. Normally, the student is required to undertake the examination in person at the designated place, date and time. Eligible students can opt for higher studies in nutrition technology like masters degree. The course fee varies from institution to institution. Some of the institutions also help the student in finding a suitable placement. Many of the students who have completed the online program on nutrition are of the opinion those who have taken up course at an accredited institution will have brighter chances of securing a suitable placement.