Merchant Cash Advances: Small Business Loan – How Important Is Accepting Credit/Debit Cards?

To secure a small business loan for your company how important is accepting Credit/Debit Cards?

The ability to secure “Working Capital” when we need it is one of the greatest challenges facing business owners today! Getting cash advances or cash in advance for businesses is becoming more difficult even for businesses with long-term banking relationships.

Is there any additional benefit to the issue of accepting credit cards as payment for your good/services when it comes to small business loans and funding?

Credit cards, just about everybody today uses them and those who don’t (because of less than perfect credit) will usually have a debit card. In other words, more people today use “plastic” instead of “paper money or checks” than ever before. So what does this mean to you, the merchant? It means as far as you doing business – there is literally no option except that you HAVE to accept credit cards as payment, whether you like it or not.

In most small businesses “plastic” accounts for as much as 75% of their business so if they did not take credit cards they probably would not stay in business long. While true that many entrepreneurs and business owners don’t like the processing fees associated with taking credit cards, they really don’t have a choice. In fact there are petitions in Congress to regulate or stop the overcharges associated with Interchange fees, also known as “swipe fees”. Even with that, businesses still must take credit cards as payment.

The fact is credit card processing is essential for all businesses for a number of reasons. For instance:

The ease of use and simplicity for customers makes it advisable for all companies to accept credit and debit cards. When there is a dispute that could result from a lost or misplaced check then that issue can be resolved with the credit card statement or through the credit card issuer.

Payment processing by credit cards is faster and easier. There is no delay and the business providing products/services receives the payment instantly.

Paying for goods/services when placing orders by phones involves ease for the customer and additional business for the merchants without the need for face-to-face transaction or being present to give cash or checks. Business can and is being transacted globally and can be conducted by the consumer from anywhere in the world.

Processing can be provided via a virtual terminal for the credit card payments to be made enabling companies operating via the Internet to receive payments from customers around the world instantly.

But for small business loans there is one tremendous benefit when it comes to financing business growth for companies that have accepted credit cards. And that brings us to the topic of this article: How important is accepting Credit/Debit Cards to securing a small business loan for your business?

For many small business owners the first few years in business are usually the most difficult. Most owners have poured their savings, maybe even mortgaged their home to fund the business often having to rob Peter-to-pay-Paul and credit ratings take a hit, so banks are not willing to lend to businesses in the first 2-3 years. So to get a cash advance or business line of credit where does a “growing” business turn for short-term “working capital”?

For small business owners that accept credit cards as payment here is good news. Merchant Cash Advance, Credit Card Receivable Financing or Business Cash Advance is a great and readily available resource.

The growing increase in credit card use has spurned a segment of the financial and lending industry that funds businesses based on their “Credit Card Sales History”. For Cash Advances and cash in advance or cash in advance for business, there are solutions. Not unlike, “Accounts Receivable Financing” of “Purchase Order Financing” small businesses that accept credit cards can benefit from “CREDIT CARD RECEIVABLE FINANCING”, which is a loan against future Visa/MC sales or another form of funding that has been used for a longer period of time called Merchant Cash Advance (or Business Cash Advance or Cash Advances). The business only needs:

To have been in business at least 1 year (No start-ups)

Has a minimum FICO score of 540

Has accepted Visa/MC for the past 6 months

Has processed as least $3000 per month for the past 6 months

Has at least 1 year remaining on their current business lease or owns the property

Has no open liens, foreclosures or bankruptcies (Liens with payment plans are OK)

The great thing for small business owners is based on their monthly credit card sales average they can be pre-approved in 24-48 hours and have funds wired into their business bank account in as little as 5 days.
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